Honda Lease End- Scott Honda Customer Information Center

Scott Honda has designed this site to provide our customers with comprehensive lease end information.  The best time to start considering your choices is about three to six months before the lease end date.  Scheduling an appointment in advance will give you plenty of time to go over the many options Scott Honda can offer to you.  An early appraisal may also offer you the opportunity to get into a new vehicle sooner than later. Your lease end date is also called the "lease maturity date" in mail that you receive from Honda Lease Trust.  


My lease will be ending soon.  Now what?

Find out if you have equity in your car.

Your leased car may be worth more than the buy out value and that equity is yours.  This scenario can put money directly into your pocket and this is one reason that Scott Honda recommends you make an appointment several months befor your lease end date (also called "lease maturity date").  We can provide you with an appraisal for the trade-in value and you'll learn if you have equity in the leased vehicle. 



What are all my options?

Honda leases offer end of term flexibility and Scott Honda want you to understand all your choices: 

•  Lease another new Honda   •  Purchase a new Honda   •  Sell Scott Honda your Lease    •  Purchase Your Lease    •  Turn in Your Lease at Scott Honda 

Turn it In


Turn your Lease in at Scott Honda

If you've decided that you are ready to move on, we want you to turn your lease in at Scott Honda.  We're glad to help you with the lease end process.  We'll answer questions you may have about turning in your lease and we'll provide you a no obligation appraisal to determine the current market trade value to tell you if your leased vehicle has equity.  If there is equity, it becomes money in your pocket.   

Call Scott Honda to set up your lease end consultation, or to speak to our lease coordinator about specific lease-end questions: 610-692-6000.  We recommend that you schedule an appointment at least three months before your lease end.  

For your convenience, we've included three forms for your lease return.  Bring these forms along to Scott Honda with you. They are in a PDF format that can be easily printed from your home computer.

Note: Starting in 2014, American Honda instituted a $350 Disposition fee for customers not leasing again or buying a new Honda. This fee is waived if you decide to lease again or purchase a new Honda from Scott Honda.