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Scott Honda has designed this site to provide our customers with comprehensive lease end information.  The best time to start considering your choices is about three to six months before the lease end date.  Scheduling an appointment in advance will give you plenty of time to go over the many options Scott Honda can offer to you.  An early appraisal may also offer you the opportunity to get into a new vehicle sooner than later. Your lease end date is also called the "lease maturity date" in mail that you receive from Honda Lease Trust.  


My lease will be ending soon.  Now what?

Find out if you have equity in your car.

Your leased car may be worth more than the buy out value and that equity is yours.  This scenario can put money directly into your pocket and this is one reason that Scott Honda recommends you make an appointment several months befor your lease end date (also called "lease maturity date").  We can provide you with an appraisal for the trade-in value and you'll learn if you have equity in the leased vehicle. 



What are all my options?

Honda leases offer end of term flexibility and Scott Honda want you to understand all your choices: 

•  Lease another new Honda   •  Purchase a new Honda   •  Sell Scott Honda your Lease    •  Purchase Your Lease    •  Turn in Your Lease at Scott Honda 

Honda lease is ending | Lease again from Scott Honda


Lease another Honda

Leasing a new Honda offers its advantages, especially if you like to drive a brand new car every couple years-- and typically you'll be driving "more car" for the money if higher end features are important.  Plus, Honda manufacture's warranty provides peace of mind that you won't be surprised with huge maintenance/repair bills while you lease your vehicle.  Finally, when the lease ends, Scott Honda simplifies the process of switching you into your next Honda.

Several months before your lease ends,  Scott Honda will contact you to set up an appointment.  We call it a lease options consultation and this appointment is when you'll learn all about Honda end-of-term flexibility. We'll verify your current lease payoff and compare it to current market value. Many customers are surprised to learn about the possibility that they may have equity in the leased vehicle. That equity would become your money, offering you lower payments or less money down on the next car.

During your lease options consultation, we can also show you new 2016 Honda models that fit your preferences and lifestyle and we'll present you with Scott Honda's current lease offers and special incentives.  

We invite you to call Scott Honda today to set up your lease options consultation, or to speak to our lease coordinator about specific lease-end questions: 610-692-6000.